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Frequently Asked Questions

Why drugs you offer is so cheap?

1) We are direct distributor. Our shipping facility is located in Mumbai India where well known Indian pharmacies are located.
2) We do not have an affiliate network so we don't have to pay commission to affiliates for marketing.

Are you guys legit?

We are not present in any scam listings or complaint boards. We have a brand website and we do not want our brand to be blacklisted. Our customer service is doing their best to position ourselves as a trustworthy company with fast operations and reliable support team.

Any discounts?

You will receive 10% off if you write about your experience with smartdrugs (Modafinil/Armodafinil)
Review must contain at least 1000 characters about your experience using these products. This review can be published anonymously at our website.
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Why don't you have an overnight delivery?

We do not carry stocks in USA, EU or any other country besides India, so it is impossible for us to ship overnight. But since we have no extra cost to carry stocks, we can keep the cheapest product prices on the market (you can follow our price match option). You can receive your order in as early as 7 days from placing it with us.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

  • It takes 7-9 business days on average via EMS courier (up to 15 days)
  • 11-15 days on average via Registered Airmail (up to 21 day*)
* Please note that sometimes there might be delay with delivery of your order for up to 30 days and this is not our store's fault.

Here are the possible reasons for delay:

  • Holydays in India (the shipping date can be changed by a few days)
  • Customs overload due to high amount of correspondence (mostly happens on Christmas Holidays, New Years day, at the end of each month)

Here is our current shipping statistics for Registered Airmail (last updated in Jan, 2015):

  • 19% of customers (delivery time is 7-10 days)
  • 43% of customers (delivery time is 11-15 days)
  • 28% of customers (delivery time is 16-21 days)
  • 8% of customers (delivery time is 21-30 days)
  • 2% of customers (delivery failed (stolen, returned, delayed till deadline). In this case we either reship the order free of charge or refund the payment.


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Returning customer I am writing to tell that I have received my order today (around 13 days delivery time). Given the long distance from Mumbai to London, I must say I am very impressed with the efficiency of Airmail operations, also it was free of charge for me so no complaints at all! I look forward to dealing with you in the future. Eric M., Jeffersonville US,
Returning customer Thank you. Order received in great shape. Product works as expected. Greg, Springdale., US
Returning customer HI , Just to let you know, I had no delivery problems, as it came in two weeks. The packaging was sealed and satisfactory and the order was full, no tampering. IM still using old order and i'm satisfied with product. Haven't opened new product yet. Yes, I would recommend your site for shore , no problems. Thanks again . Andrew, ELIZABETH SOUTH., AU


    Please note that after placing the order you will receive 3 automatic e-mails in 25 day period.
  • 1) Your order confirmation (within 12 hours of order placement)
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  • 3) Customer satisfaction evaluation (within 25 days from order date)

In case you did not receive the order confirmation, please check your spam folder or contact us and we will resend it.

    Here are the main reasons of non-delivery of our emails:
  • domains protected from automatic e-mails:,,,,, *
  • Incorrect e-mails: Please make sure the email address you submitted is correct.
Please note that your e-mail is protected of sending spam and junk correspondence. In some cases we can send you only one special offer in 6 month period of time and no other e-mails.
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We provide 100% money back for:

  • Untimely delivery of products (deadline 20 days after the shipping date (EMS), 30 days after the shipping date (Registered Airmail) *
  • Non-delivery (stolen orders)*
(*) Please note that we can reship your order free of charge instead of refunding (it is up to your request)

We provide free reshipment of your order in case of:
  • Delivery of damaged or expired products*
  • Delivery of wrong goods due to an error on our side*
  • Dispatch to a wrong address due to inaccuracy in our records*

Special note

We are not responsible for the order not claimed by recipient.
In this case, notice is left for a mailpiece that cannot be delivered. If the piece is not called for or redelivery is not requested, the piece is returned to the sender after 5 days for EMS and 30 days for Registered Airmail.
Our customer service is doing their best to inform customer about undelivered orders however sometimes communication falls. Please visit our customer support section for more details.


You can cancel the order within 24 hours provided it has not been dispatched from our facility.